Burberry Prorsum

Since 1901, the company uses a figurative mark with a knight on a rearing horse. In the logo the Latin word Prorsum is incorporated that means forward.
Burberry Prorsum is the base line for the other brands. It is a more style conscious brand for people who value being fashion forward. The collections are usually something you would expect to see on a runway and not so much on a street. Burberry Prorsum is the most expensive out of the three Burberry brands. The head designer for Burberry Prorsum is Christopher Bailey.

If you own a piece of Burberry, by which we mean one created under chief creative officer and CEO Christopher Bailey’s reign, it's label will say one of the following three things: Prosum, London, or Brit. The stuff you see on the runway and in those super high-gloss ads? That’s Prorsum—high design, high style, and generally really expensive. Now your classics—your trenches, your raincoats, your scarves—that’s London. No less top of the line, but certainly more traditional. And finally, the most casual of the bunch, Burberry Brit.

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