Kennel & Schmenger Shumanufaktur

1918: Founded by Fritz Kennel.
The company operated under the name ZUKUNFT Schuhfabrik until 1950. In the same year, August Albert Schmenger took over the management of the company. From then on, the company trades under the name Kennel & Schmenger KG.
1961: Klaus Kennel, grandson of the company founder, joins the company.
1995: The current CEO, shareholder and creative director, Andreas Klautzsch, begins his work at Kennel & Schmenger. He is largely responsible for the brand's "generational shift" toward a fashion-oriented premium label.
2008: The opening of the first concept store was a decisive milestone for the further expansion of the brand's presence.

A company with a long tradition, where craftsmanship and zeitgeist become one.
The production plant in Pirmasens looks back on a long history of shoe production. Kennel & Schmenger is one of the few remaining local manufacturers and also one of the last companies to produce in Germany.
Kennel & Schmenger has been a reliable and credible trading and business partner for generations.

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