Lara Bohinc

Under the management of Lara Bohinc, Creative Director, and Ernst Malmsten, CEO a dynamic balance between the creative and the commercial has been formed. Both highly determined, they have a strong vision to build a globally recognized luxury goods company: a world-class organization, creating products that will live forever as design icons . In the last year the company has completed the final stage in the strategic development of the diversification of products, from designer jewellery to fine jewellery and a full range of leather goods. The company is now undergoing a period of rapid expansion.

Lara Bohinc International is a European luxury goods company headquartered in London, renowned for its design, craftsmanship and quality. The company has rapidly grown and became one of the most innovative and exciting brands in fashion today.

Under the creative direction of Lara Bohinc the company has positioned itself as a high end, exclusive luxury brand. The products appeal to a sophisticated and modern clientele who appreciate unique design. This is reflected in the innovation that characterizes each new collection, combining exclusivity, outstanding quality and attention to detail. Lara Bohinc has an ability to blend glamour and feminity with inspiration from architecture. Lara Bohinc has developed hugely successful signature lines which embody both timeless elegance and modernity and which have become instantly recognizable design classics.

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