Laura Gibson

Working from her design studio in Tucson, Arizona, Laura Gibson has been creating her signature collections since 1996 and today, her sought-after gemstone styles are carried by galleries, fine jewelers and boutique shops throughout the US and abroad.

In 2008, Laura launched the online shopping experience, giving her valued customers the opportunity to enjoy her work from the comfort of their homes. Each unique Laura Gibson piece bears her special “LG” signature clasp as a guarantee of authenticity.

Laura Gibson designs and hand creates two Couture Collections each year: the Quail Collection in 22k and 18k Gold and the Loon Collection in Silver.

These collections have become some of the most beloved aspects of the Laura Gibson line. Her inspiration for the Gold line comes from the Gambel’s Quail, an indigenous bird of the Southeastern Arizona Desert where Laura resides. The Gambel’s Quail takes only one mate a season and is befittingly symbolic of this beautiful one-of-a-kind collection.

Laura spends summers on a lake in Nova Scotia. Her favorite aspect of the summer is listening to the Loons on the lake at night and in the early morning hours. She has chosen the Loon to symbolize a one of a kind piece made in Sterling Silver.

These Couture pieces are made from the highest quality stones. You can recognize one of these special collectors editions, by the exquisite Gold Quail or Silver Loon bead present before the toggle, verifying that the design is unique.

The designs in each collection, are created by Laura and a small design team. Every piece is hand wire wrapped or strung onto 21 strands of coated stainless steel, by our skilled production team. Quail pieces are hand made by Laura herself, from the highest quality stones.

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