Sonia Rykiel

By abolishing the diktats of a total look in favor of a wardrobe adapted to each woman’s personality, Sonia Rykiel created a unique style that is recognizable around the world, whose key words are black,stripes, lace, strass (rhinestones) and sweaters emblazoned with written messages. Pullovers that reveal the skin and hug the body without constraint were created in the name of creating a new allure and erasing the dictates of bourgeois dressing. Velour tracksuits became evening wear; lace and fur, daywear, as Rykiel mixed up fashion codes with her customary impertinence. New gestures and attitudes defy the seasons and define contemporary fashion history with complete freedom. This is a story for women by a woman, an iconic designer with flamboyant red hair who traces and illuminates her fashion story with a stroke of black ink.

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