Stephen Dweck Jewelry

Established in 1981, in Brooklyn, New York, Stephen Dweck Jewelry began as a sculptural and artistic brand, unlike anything else. Known for its signature hand-carved details and unique gemstones, each modern piece of jewelry is meant to be treasured as a collectible.
Stephen Dweck Jewelry was created from Stephen's passion for sculpture and unique artistic vision. Known for its intricately hand carved and faceted gemstones with signature details of engraved precious metals- each piece, a wearable work of art.
Stephen draws inspiration for his collections from his love of nature and its myriad of colors, his extensive gallery of minerals and his passion for travel. Globally sourcing and handpicking gemstones, each piece still has a connection to Stephen’s Brooklyn, New York roots that combines rustic aesthetic with a modern point of view that has solidified Stephen’s status as “Romancer of the Stones.
A long standing member of the CFDA, his jewelry is on permanent display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and the Dallas Museum of Art.
Stephen Dweck Jewelry

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