Zagliani was founded by Mrs Bruna Zagliani in a small workshop just outside of Milan in 1947, and now forms an integral part of BALLY, the iconic Swiss luxury Maison founded in 1851. The brand is rooted in the tradition of craftsmanship with precious skins, with a particular focus on crocodile. The focus of the brand is to connect a respect for traditional craftsmanship to a passion for new and innovative techniques of manufacture and production.

From the beginning, the bags were fully handmade by the best craftsmen in Milan, a place with a long tradition in working the finest skins. The first styles were soon appreciated throughout the western world. From the 1970s Zagliani expanded to the countries of the Far East and the emerging markets. Thanks to the skill of its leather craftsmen, Zagliani began producing soft bags which were exclusively treated and exquisitely manufactured.

In 2006 Puffy made its début: a soft bag with a peculiar construction and an unusual shape, which soon became an icon bag loved by actresses, royalties and artists. Puffy helped making Zagliani a well-known and highly-valued brand all around the world.

Each Zagliani bag is made by hand in Milan. Since the creation of the atelier in 1947, the work of the craftsmen has not changed much. Every day, Zagliani’s artisans deliver emotions through their unique skills to craft skins. In the atelier there is no hype, just the patient assembly of some of the world’s most extraordinary bags, built at the speed of human time.

Each new Zagliani bag begins with the skin. Precious skins are not just a material, but the core element of our products. Zagliani’s craftsmen select and work every single skin in a unique way, respecting its patterns and features, molding it to enhance every single detail of a bag. Each type of precious skin that we use is unique and distinct, each has a different attitude, a different way to express itself and the personality of its owner.

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