Iradj Moini

Iradj Moini has designed jewelry in New York since 1989. Iradj Moini pieces exemplify world-class craftsmanship with fun to wear and enchanting designs. Each piece begins with the best base materials, with semi-precious stones from the finest provenance. The designs are inspired by nature and artistry and use a blend of colors that form an innovative and luxurious work of art. These exotic looks have a universal appeal and attract the delight of a range of collectors worldwide. His pieces are invariably large, exquisitely detailed, and three-dimensional, an ode to his architectural background.

No two pieces of his jewelry are alike, as they are all handmade in his Manhattan studio, and take weeks to create. His meticulous attention to detail and cost, keeps Iradj’s true passion in mind to offer haute couture designs and experience at an affordable ready-to-wear price. Every piece is hand set with semi-precious stones and sometimes vintage artisanal Czechoslovakian crystals onto a brass construct, which is plated with 18-karat gold or platinum.

Wearing Iradj’s costume jewelry is a fun escape, with eye-popping and larger-than-life designs that will make a statement at any occasion.

With worldwide collectors and fans alike, his jewelry has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as part of Iris Apfel’s collection, as well as being featured in the Trop Exhibit with Barbara Berger at the Louvre in Paris where he now has three pieces in their permanent collections. Ever since bridging out on his own, Iradj’s creations quickly developed a prestigious clientele and, through considerable demand, has reached retailers around the globe, like specialty store Bergdorf Goodman.

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